Angkor Peak Sneng Junior High School, began with the realization of a dream of my German grade school friend Siggi in 2007.  I will never forget the phone call in early 2007, when Siggi announced his plan to me.  Without hesitation, I told him he could count on my support for the project.

The building phase lasted throughout 2007. We all met in Cambodia for the official Opening Ceremony in February 2008. The school was built to accommodate 150 children from grade 7 to 9, including a boarding house for 35 students.

Meeting the teachers and students for the first time was a strange and unfamiliar experience for all of us.  The language barrier was an enormous challenge.  After spending nearly 2 weeks in the school, we saw what was needed in terms of financial and hands- on support. We quickly developed relationships with the students, teachers and villagers.  It soon became clear to me that I would be back the following year.

Armin and the 5 children his family sponsors

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Upon my return home, my family and I decided to support 5 of the students as sponsor parents.  My return trip to Cambodia in February 2009 helped me form a closer link with the school.  When friends and neighbours found out about my involvement with the school, many of them joined in to support us in any way they could, by sponsoring a child or making a donation to the school.  Their enthusiasm inspired me to turn my planned bike trip into a fundraising project to help village children, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to also attend Peak Sneng Junior High School.More information about the school at Angor Peak Sneng Junior High School

 More information about the school at Angor Peak Sneng Junior High School